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10 years of focus on silicone rubber R & D and production enterprises

A national high-tech enterprise with more than 20 patents in the rubber industry

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Cultural Concept


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Corporate Vision

Become an excellent manufacturer and supplier of sealing components at home and abroad, continuously improve quality and service, create a first-class brand, create a rationalized, institutionalized, and humanized working environment, and create the largest profit sharing for employees, shareholders, and customers. Sustainable development and sustainable development operate.

Business Strategy

Focus on personnel training, maintain the highest quality of personnel, pursue all-round customer satisfaction, continuously introduce innovative technologies, develop high value-added products, improve business profitability, expand market share, establish a high-quality service system, promote information management, and fully realize Intelligent.

Corporate Values

Satisfied customers and efficient employees are the company's valuable assets, green management, technology-based; respect for individuals, teamwork, and family and social responsibilities.

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