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10 years of focus on silicone rubber R & D and production enterprises

A national high-tech enterprise with more than 20 patents in the rubber industry

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After-sales Service

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Delivery Date

Inventory items are shipped on the same day the order is received. Mold items are shipped 7 days after the order is received. Mold items that need to be developed are shipped 15 days after the order is received. If you have an urgent need, we can expedite it for you. If you can inform the annual demand , and can also match your schedule to prepare the products you need in advance.

Shipping Method

According to the delivery method you specify, such as freight, express delivery, etc., the goods will be delivered to you on time.

Customer Complaint Reply

If you find that the product is missing or inconsistent within 30 days after receiving the product, we will have a special person within 24 hours to inform you how to deal with the product and other necessary remedial measures.

Quality Assurance

All products sold are warranted to be free from defects, either in materials or in the product itself, for one year after the date of shipment.

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