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Depending on quality as life, we have been insisting on

Measuring Equipment

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Deepen Quality ManagementImprove Product Quality

Depending on quality as life, we have been insisting on

Continuous and Stable Performance

Formula material testing/quality control system/intelligent testing center/national system certification

Good Sealing Effect

The accuracy is half of the national standard

Long Service Life

Service life up to 3-10 years

Reduce Machine Failure

Stable quality and low after-sales cost

Factory Outlets

Fine Workmanship

Support Customization

Reliable Quality


Stable performance, long service life, good sealing

Production Strength

Customized Production

Quality Assurance

Service Worry Free

Provide imported raw materials

One-stop service to finished products

Raw materials from manufacturers with stable quality are used as suppliers. The main raw materials include fluorine rubber, silica gel, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, etc. The main raw material suppliers include DuPont, Solvay, Daikin, Shin-Etsu, Momentive, Dow Corning, Ruion, Lanxess, etc.

Configure various production equipment

Meet the needs of different customers

Precision O-ring special line, pump valve special line, silicone special line, rubber special line, medical business department, molding equipment up to 108 sets.

Live by Quality

Focus on Quality

There are more than 40 quality personnel and hundreds of measuring equipment. The car lens sealing ring realizes full-line CCD detection, and vows to help customers realize technology and creativity with precision silicone rubber seals.

Professional Sales Engineer

Big Four Offices

With 10 sales engineers, Shenzhen headquarters, Huizhou factory, Jiangsu office and Shanghai office have been established. 24-hour uninterrupted technical service support for customers.

DOIT Precision Products

Looking for the right seal for your application?

Provide a full range of sealing system solutions for free

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Online Consultation

FactoryDemonstration of Strength

Focus on making every precision rubber product with ingenuity

Testing equipment Mold workshop and equipment Production workshop and equipment 100,000-level dust-free workshop


The company has passed IATF16949:2016 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, national industrial product production license, British WRAS, French ACS drinking water certification, etc.

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Focus on making every precision rubber product with ingenuity

Huizhou DOIT Precision Products Co., Ltd.

Huizhou DOIT Precision Products Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise integrating quality management and production technology from Japan and Taiwan. The main backbone members have more than 8 to 20 years of experience in mold design, material formula selection and application, production and quality management, and customer management. With working experience and OEM and ODM cooperation experience with many Fortune 500 companies, DOIT is a professional manufacturer that combines the design, manufacture and sales of silicone rubber molds and silicone rubber products.

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